Chansons pour apprendre (Book+CD)


Breathe life into the discovery of French with the wonderful original songs of Mademoiselle Nini and Monsieur Gouda and the beautifully illustrated vocabulary of Ruth Broadway. Together, they will guide you through your journey into the language so that, before long, you will have the confidence to be ordering your own bread, or exploring Paris...

"Since 2008 hundreds of families have attended weekly Petits Zouzous sessions. The spirit of Petits Zouzous has always been to have fun in French as a family; that's why we've designed this book so you can enjoy it together with your child, or in the classroom with your pupils. I'm overjoyed that these new songs and book will bring music, enjoyment and French to an even wider audience."
~ Audrey Johnson (Mademoiselle Nini)



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