Tourne, tourne petit moulin

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Explanation / Translation :

This song is about a litlle windmill turning, little hands clapping, a bird flying and a fish swimming. A big favourite among children!

For the first line, turn around or make your fists turn; for the second clap your hands; for the third , pretend you're flying, running and flapping your arms; for the last, pretend you're swimming. Repeat for the second verse as the actions are the same, just in the past.

Tourne tourne

Tourne tourne petit moulin
Tapent tapent petites mains
Vole vole petit oiseau
Nage nage poisson dans l'eau

Petit moulin a bien tourné
Petites mains ont bien frappé
Petit oiseau a bien volé
Petit poisson a bien nagé