Les Grands (Preschoolers)

Classes for Preschoolers have all the favourite songs of the Babies' and Walkers' classes, but also have more complex songs, a story and games. Parents and children will learn French nursery rhymes as well as basic vocabulary, while immersed in French language for 25 minutes. The songs and activities covered allow for moving around, dancing, wriggling! The class is interactive, and you can listen to the songs at home on the CD and read the lyrics on the website. The class is aimed at children who are almost 3 years old to almost 5.

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“We have been going to Petits Zouzous for 2 years now and have loved every minute of it. It's even improved my French!" - Mum of Bella (3½ ) and Sienna (2)

Watch a video from the preschool class: